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On my mind, is the CitizenM hotel in London, Bankside. Not just any hotel, but a boutique hotel that’s super trendy (you should’ve seen the amount of people hanging out at the bar at night!) yet actually affordable for a change. And, well, Bankside? Such a cool neighbourhood to be in! Literally just a 5 minute walk down to the Tate Modern, which just so happens to be my favourite building in London.

But let me dive a little deeper into this experience. You walk in. There’s about 6 different seating areas you can see from where you’re currently standing, and that’s not even half of it! Each one has it’s own feel, it’s own emotion, yet they all tie together in such a cohesive way. There’s art, statues, and books without end, making you wish you lived there and actually had the time to really appreciate them all. A spiral staircase leads upwards to the conference rooms, also beautiful, with different furniture in each different space, and decorative lamps hanging from the ceiling. You call the elevator and head up to your room. You enter. The king sized bed faces out onto the street. The entire space under the bed is a drawer, so you can just open your suitcase and push it in and forgot it even existed in the first place. The tablet on the side of the bed controls the window blinds, the ambient lighting, the temperature, the TV (with free movies!!) – you name it – or you can simply just use it as a regular tablet device. You step into the rain shower, which washes away all your stress, and either reinvigorates you with the citizenAM shampoo or helps you wind down with the citizenPM shampoo.

Now it’s time to head out and explore London. But where should you go? Don’t you worry, citizenMag has got you covered. Some of my favourites include A Niche For Print, Monmouth Coffee London Bridge, Cinema Hacks, and Patty&Bun, but I’ll leave you guys to explore the rest on your own. (and check out the rest of the photos below!)

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