Lisa Dengler

influencer + blogger

Just Another


Location: NYC

Founded: 2012

Just Another Fashion Blog strives to be anything but just another fashion blog. This contradiction in itself is a theme that pops up rather frequently. Something about the perfect contrast of elements, adding a bit of tension, a lot of white space – things that ended up developing throughout my architecture degree. That and the simplification of my own style – since buildings have the need to stand the test of time, and there’s a beauty and practicality in this that I love.


I started Just Another back in 2011 without any expectation of it becoming what it is today. It was, and continues to be a journey of which my readers have become a part of. A journey of who I am through what I am wearing and what I am inspired by. A journey that will continue to be developed, to be improved, and continue to inspire.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my story.