photos thanks to my mom! <3

one warm day comes along in munich, and what am i most excited about? getting to put on my birks! i have yet to brave the whole socks and birks thing, though i’m pretty sure we all know it’s coming, whether we like it or not (personally, i’m already warming up to the idea…#trendvictim). and by birks, i mean birkenstocks, just like starbs is starbucks, obvi is obviously, and hokai is ok (guess which one doesn’t fit in….? did you ever do those word puzzles for iq testing? look at me! i’m also challenging your brain, though probably more in the WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT sense. sigh). moving on….i was lacking in color recently, so i decided to throw on my lovely fall-coloured blazer. is it just me, or is this the best time of year for fashion?

I’M WEARING: zara rust blazer // big star USA jeans // COS striped knit // birkenstock
// ASOS pebble backpack // love nail tree heart hands necklace // zeroUV sunnies