If there’s one thing I love about couture fashion week, it’s the dresses. The most beautiful gowns you’ll ever see, all of which you dream of wearing one day at some gala or at your wedding, or maybe just to an event where you wish to stand out. They take you into a completely different world full of pure beauty, of dreams, of perfect moments. Valentino even reminded  me of Game of Thrones, but maybe that’s just because Marcel and I just finished watching all three seasons (such an incredible show by the way…).


valentino1 valentino2 valentino3 valentino4 valentino5 valentino6

Elie Saab

eliesaab1 eliesaab2 eliesaab3 eliesaab4

Speaking of gowns, I’ve found a few more affordable versions on Asos. You can check out my selection below, or find your own by clicking here. Regardless, I think it’s time I invest in a few gowns. Now the only question is, which ones? Thoughts?

  • natalie

    elli saab and valentino just wow!!

    these designs are amazing


  • Zoe Cayetano

    This collection is perfect! I love these dresses. :)


  • Kacie Cone

    Elie Saab really blew me away, the collection is so magical!

  • Raluca Gheorghe

    Those manage every time to make me fall in love with their coutures!! I think Chanel is also a great competitor!

    • just another fashion blog

      agreed, chanel is also amazing always :)

  • Carrie Callaway

    I love the Valentino gowns! They do remind me of Game of Thrones as well. The dress with the tiger on it also reminds me of Life of Pi, but that’s probably because I just finished the book. (The book is so much better than the movie.) Elie Saab’s gowns look like sherbet went crazy with glitter, and that is a good thing.