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photos by marcel @ onedapperstreet.com and myself

If there’s two things about me you should know its #1: I have too many hobbies, and #2: I never leave the house without a watch. And not just any watch – a boyfriend style watch, that looks slightly too large on my wrists, but basically says, hey, I’m cool, I dress like a boy about 95% of the time, yet I’m much cooler than any boy you’ve ever met. 

But back to point #1, currently I’m all about freehand lettering (did you notice my new logo), reading a new book every day, and bringing a camera wherever I go. Which means I need a bag that manages to fit in as much as possible without making me look like a bag lady.

So hence these two pieces from Fossil being perfect.

#1: I need a bag big enough to fit a book and a camera, and a strap long enough to go cross body. This one’s perfect!

#2: You’ll never see me leave my house without a watch – and I like them how I like my jeans – boyfriend style.

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