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Falling Upstate
on the road:
TOMS slip ons. Aritzia knit. Michael Stars jacket. TOMS bag. Michael Stars culottes. TOMS aviators.






TOMS bootiesAC for AG knit. Zara jacket. Acne Studios jeans. TOMS sunglasses. Triwa watch.








evening relaxation:
TOMS shoes. Designers Remix knit. Liebeskind knit cardigan. Michael Stars hat.






photos by marcel @ onedapperstreet.com

How to road trip? Find a good companion. Not just a person (that I’ve got covered in Marcel), but the perfect clothing. The perfect shoes. Sunglasses, bags, you name it. Easy enough answer – TOMS. And bonus? You’re helping make a difference. I’ve always been a supporter of TOMS, their One for One message, and their shoes. Recent addition was their sunglasses and other accessories, and I’m in love! So when Marcel and I were asked to partner with TOMS for a road trip, we jumped right on it. Because TOMS, and road trip? That’s two of our favorite things right there!

First step? Rent a car. And surprise? This Toyota was rather fuel efficient – $11 of fuel for the whole trip – wowza! Then put on a pair of comfortable shoescomfy pants, a knit, and pack everything in your favorite tote bag. Put on those aviators, get in the car and drive.

Stop for a photo because the trees are stunning. Keep driving. Stop again because there’s more beautiful trees, these leaves seemingly even more red than the last. Keep driving. Stop. Drive. Stop. Drive. You get the idea….eventually the Instagrammer in us calms down and we get the chance to enjoy the nature from the car while driving.

Next step? Arrive at Bear Mountain, change into your hiking gear, and go! These moccasin booties may not seem like hiking material, but they were! We were scaling rocks like it was nobody’s business and I didn’t slip once. Then, from one second to the next it started hailing. A storm swept over us in a few minutes and it went back to being sunny as we watched the hail cloud move along the mountainside. It was literally insane. One of those moments clip on sunglasses come in handy.

Last step? Arrive at Bear Mountain inn for the night. Change into the comfiest clothes you own (think wool shoes, dress – everything). Watch the sun setting over the lake. But it gets pretty cool so we head inside to have a nice dinner and think about the beauty of the day. Fall asleep truly relaxed and happy.

Wake up. And repeat.

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