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New Resolutions

I feel like New Years resolutions get a bad rep. I mean, sure, if you only make resolutions once a year, don’t stick with them past two weeks, and then forget they ever existed. But I love fresh starts. Feeling like you have a completely clean slate and can just start anew with no judgments, no bad feelings, no nothing. I mean also, yes, you should just feel like this year round about starting something new, but it’s just easier in the new year. Actually, maybe we should do resolutions once a month. Revisit the previous resolutions, tweak them to fit your lifestyle and schedule (because yes, sometimes the intention of working out every single day isn’t that realistic), and then add any new ones you see fit. That way you also don’t forget as you constantly refresh your memory of what your plan for that year, that month looks like. So will you join me?


Get Organized

Okay so, I’m not un-organized. But as my newly acquired fitbit has been telling me, my resting heart rate is too high. And considering I’m stressed a lot, I’m going to blame it on that. Being organized always helps. So here’s to making a million more lists, actually filling out my calendars, having a daily routine that I stick to, taking the time to organize things like paperwork before the last possible moment (being an adult kinda sucks sometimes), and not doing everything super last minute.

Get in Shape

This is going to be my bod’s year. I’ve finally mastered eating healthily, so now it’s all about exercising and getting my body fit, lean, and happy. I’m not focussing on losing weight, rather on gaining confidence and on feeling my absolute best. I’ve decided to do two personal trainer sessions a week, two yoga classes, one pilates classes, one barre class, and one longer run/hike. Meanwhile doing at least 10,000 steps a day and walking up the 9 or 10 flights up to my apartment, instead of taking the elevator, if I’m not carrying anything heavy. 


I’ve come to realize via Instagram how many talented people there are out there! It’s absolutely insane! And because Instagram is such an amazing platform that allows us to connect, follow, and interact with each other, I want to make use of it and start collaborating with as many people as I possibly can! From photographers to designers to illustrators to bloggers – you name it! 


Travelling is one of my biggest passions in life. I was fortunate enough to grow up travelling a lot, and have continued travelling as often as I could. That being said, my bucket list of places to travel to is far from finished, so I want to make a pact to cross off a lot of those places this year (also to continue creating fun content for you guys!), despite how busy and stressful life can get sometimes. So, once a month, I want to travel to a new place. Whether it just be a short road-trip or a weekend getaway, each month will be something new. And twice a year, these trips will be longer and farther away. This year? Japan and Australia perhaps.

Expand the Blog

Back in the day I used to blog more about inspiration and my own personal life outside of outfit posts. And I want to get back more into this, because I feel as though the blog is missing some of that personal touch, of you getting to know who I am, which is so much more than what I’m wearing. Of course fashion is a huge never-ending passion of mine, but so are many other things that I hope I can share with you all this year.

Learn to Cook

I’m possibly the laziest person when it comes to cooking. I know how to make eggs and I know how to make salad. But this year, I’m going to learn how to make everything! My sister got me a ketogenic cookbook for Christmas and it’s inspired me to learn how to actually make things. So I’ve taken it upon myself to cook at least one meal a day. And then once a week I’ll host a dinner party and invite different talented people over to have engaging conversation, because sometimes I think we all get too caught up in our own lives, so it’s important to connect with others.


I’m a huge supported of hobbies. If you focus too much on one thing, no matter how much you love that one thing, there’s always the risk of it getting boring. So to keep things interesting, I’m going to focus on some new (and some old) hobbies: singing, acting, guitar, writing and painting. I won’t put pressure on them becoming anything, or leading to anything, I’ll just do them to have fun and enjoy life!


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