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photos by marcel @ and myself
ft. SWIMS raincoat + penny loafers

It’s official. Norway is my new favourite place. The most untouched of all nature, gorgeous architecture, never-ending beauty everywhere you look, and the cutest little towns. Marcel and I decided to drive through Norway for 6 days this summer and I think it’s safe to say we loved every minute of it! (So what are you waiting for?!)

And what more perfect place to wear pieces from the Norwegian brand, Swims than the place where it all began. Trust me, if  anyone has figured out rain appropriate clothing, it’s Norway. This Swims raincoat was perfectly light yet entirely rain-proof (and wow, what a nice fit!!), and then these loafers were perfect for actually getting wet! You can just walk right into the lake, or get splashed while in your boat. 

Above are photos from our last day of driving, up and down mountains, through forests and across fjords (the usual), oh and Pulpit Rock! So apparently you have to hike to get to these things in Norway (which now that I know, makes sense), but we were unaware when planning. And so when we got there and learned it was a 4 hour hike, we knew we technically didn’t have enough time to do it (because of when we had to get to our next stop before check in closed). But we decided, hey, let’s just try to do it as fast as possible. So we ran up, and ran down…in 1.5 hours! I’m still so proud ha. Proof your body can run up a mountain for 50 minutes if you really put your mind to it. 

Lesson of the trip? Anything’s possible. Oh, and proper rain gear needed.

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